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017 – Ericka Nicole Malone | The Quadruple Threat: Writer/Producer/Director/Actress

Ericka Nicole Malone shares her secret to juggling writing, producing, directing, and acting across TV/Film and theatre.

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016 – Emmy Award Winning Hair Stylist & Costume Designer Theresa Broadnax

Emmy Award winning Hair Stylist and Costume Designer Theresa Broadnax shares how she used her passion for hair styling and fashion to make a name for herself in Hollywood. Follow Theresa Broadnax on Instagram at @houseofbroadnax and on her website at

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015 – Phonz Williams | The Journey from P.A. to Writer/Producer

In this episode, I chat with screenwriter and producer Phonz Williams about the journey from starting as a production assistant to writing and producing television shows.

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014 – Meagan Daine | Inside the Writers’ Room

Screenwriter Meagan Daine shares what it’s like to be inside the coveted television writers’ room. Follow Meagan on Twitter: @writeordienow. Follow WordyGirl Entertainment on Instagram and Twitter at @wordygirlent & Facebook at WordyGirl Entertainment.

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Discovering Lilith

My reading has slacked off terribly. I’m an avid reader who fell off the wagon. How did this happen? I blame TV and social media. Really, I blame myself because nobody forced me to engage in those things. Well, I’m over ruling myself and returning to my reading habits. The first book up is Lilith’s Brood by the late great Octavia Butler. Lilith’s Brood is a trilogy in one volume: Dawn, Adulthood Rites, and Imago.

I’m embarrassed to admit that Lilith’s Brood is my first dive into Octavia Butler. Her books have been on my To Be Read List for years. For whatever reason, I just never got around to reading them. Years ago, I bought Lilith’s Brood with every intention of reading it, but that never happened. I bought the book at a used bookstore, brought it home, and put in on my bookshelf without even cracking it open. I wasn’t ready for it and it wasn’t ready for me. Until now.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been having a yearning to read Octavia, but still never did it. It was after I heard an amazing podcast episode by GirlTrek called GirlTrek’s Black History Bootcamp. The podcast is a 21 day look into black female history. On the 21st day they showcased Octavia. At the end of the podcast, I finally cracked open Lilith’s Brood. Guess what I found. It was signed by Octavia. All these years I had this book and never knew it was autographed. I flipped out! How amazing is that?!!

Three pages in and I was captivated already. The main character was experiencing these “awakenings.” I immediately wanted to know what they were. I’m only on chapter two, so I still don’t know much about the story yet. According to the book cover, Lilith’s Brood is about a woman mourning the death of her family when war destroys the Earth. She is awakened centuries later by unearthly beings. Together, they must work together to restore the planet. This book feels very timely with the COVID-19 virus running rampant through the world right now. Funny how I pick this book up now . . .

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013 – Vanessa Middleton | Showrunner “Games People Play”

In this episode, I sat down with showrunner Vanessa Middleton to chat about her career as a screenwriter and how she runs the writer’s room for the BET hit show “Games People Play,” Executive Produced by Tracey Edmonds for Edmonds Entertainment, starring Lauren London.

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Amazing Grace | Film Review

As a kid, I didn’t spend every Sunday in church. But I went enough have the culture ingrained in my soul, my psyche. My favorite part of church was the choir. In fact, that’s all I was in it for because I never understood what the sweaty loud man at the podium was talking about. I wanted to hear the beautiful and powerful voices of the choir. So naturally, when the Amazing Grace documentary was released I had to go see it.

I bought my proverbial movie snacks: Raisinets, soda, and a big tub of popcorn. Shout out to the Laemmle Town Center 5 theatre for using real butter. I thought only ArcLight theatre did that. I sat down, started grubbin’ on my snacks and was immediately transported back to those Sunday mornings in the church house. At the first sound of the band and choir, my foot went to tappin’ and my head went to noddin’. Soon after SHE graced us with her regal presence dripping with soul sistah glamour in her flowing gown and regal afro.

Then it happened. She opened her mouth and out came that angelic voice we all know and love. Had my mother been sitting next to me she would have shouted the phrase she always said during my childhood when she played an Aretha Franklin album, “Sing it Rhee!” Aretha started with “Wholy Holy,” originally written and sung by the legendary Marvin Gaye; if you know me, my favorite male singer of all time. But oh, did Aretha make that song her own or what? She injected so much soul into that song that I thought Jesus was about to come sit next to me and help himself to some of my popcorn.

After about three songs, my writer/producer Spidey senses started kicking in. Where are the talking heads? Where are the interviews by the people who were there? Where’s the b-roll footage? Why did Aretha choose to sing “Precious Lord” instead of “Goin’ Up Yonder?” The 10 out of 10 stars I had prematurely given the film started slipping to an 8. I thought, why would they do this? That 8 quickly jumped back to a 10 after, Aretha’s father, Reverend C.L. Franklin took to the podium and praised his baby girl for her powerhouse vocals. He spoke of a six year old Aretha who sang her heart out in the family living room. He told the story of how a woman told him she thought Aretha’s performance of secular music on a television show was just okay, but wished she would come back to the church. He politely corrected the lady by letting her know that Aretha never left the church. See. Judge not, that ye be not judged (Matthew 7:1). Mind your business lady.

After that, my pesky writer/producer Spidey senses vanished. I forgave the sound synching problems, the out of focus shots, and absent interviewees. I realized those things were a reflection of the church and Aretha’s voice: organic, raw, and powerful. All that was needed was her gushing father and her heavenly voice. Those two elements alone got the job done. They did what a film is supposed to do which is to evoke emotions. I reminisced about sitting in the church pews dressed in frilly dresses, tights, and black patent leather Mary Janes. Chills ran through my body when Aretha hit that note. I laughed at Reverend James Cleveland’s side comments. And when Aretha brought down the house with “Never Grow Old,” tears streamed down my cheeks. Wow, the power of her voice! Ms. Franklin was and still is a national treasure with a voice gifted from God.

10 out of 10 🌟s

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012 – Ben Cory Jones | Showrunner “Boomerang”

In this episode, I chat with screenwriter, producer Ben Cory Jones about his journey as a writer producer and his new gig as showrunner for the BET comedy series Boomerang, loosely based on the iconic 90’s era film, starring Eddie Murphy and Halle Berry.

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011 – Colette | Film Review

In this episode, I review the film Colette (based on a true story) staring Keira Knightley and Dominic West. IMDB logline: Colette is pushed by her husband to write novels under his name. Upon their success, she fights to make her talents known, challenging gender norms.

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010 – Cornell Thomas | A Positive Light


In this episode, I chat with author and motivational speaker Cornell Thomas about the power of positivity and creating his upcoming television show On Purpose, focused on helping people in need all over the world.

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